A New Look at an Old Tool: Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning is one of those powerful strategic tools that’s been around for a long time, can be incredibly powerful, and yet seems to be poorly understood, often misused, and mostly ignored.

Now, in an age we all recognize is increasingly uncertain, it’s making yet another comeback. I was reminded of the power of scenario planning by this recent article in the Wall Street Journal:  “Pendulum is Swinging Back on ‘Scenario Planning’“.

Of course, the undisputed “guru” of scenario planning is Peter Schwartz, co-founder and now Chairman of Global Business Network (GBN), who is quoted in the WSJ article. You shouldn’t attempt to do any scenario planning without first reading Schwartz’s classic book, The Art of the Long View.

But for a much shorter overview, you can also download this brief white paper from our own website:  “Scenario Planning Primer.”

What’s your experience with scenario planning? I’d love to hear stories about how it’s changed your organization’s views about the future – or your own.