Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: June 2010

This is the June 2010 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. We welcome comments on any of these articles. You can also access the newsletter directly on our website, at this link.

June has busted out all over, and sadly the month is almost over. But if you, like us, are based in the northern hemisphere, you are finally enjoying the beginning of summer. [continue reading...]

Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: March 2010

This is the March 2010 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. We welcome comments on any of these articles. You can also access the newsletter directly on our website, at this link.

Here in North America the harbingers of spring (birds, flowers, earlier sunrises) are becoming more and more evident. And we even saw a picture last week of crocuses popping up in London. [continue reading...]

Going Mobile Overnight: Business Continuity Insurance

This is a reprint of the Compass article from our September Future of Work Agenda newsletter. We are reproducing it here to call attention to the importance of preparing for the upcoming flu season in North America, and the value of having a flexible/mobile work program as a means of coping with a pandemic.

By Jim Ware and Charlie Grantham

It’s fall here in North America, and the flu season is upon us. Most of us know there’s a greater risk than normal this year because of the H1N1 virus, commonly known as Swine Flu. Clearly, we all hope it won’t turn into a pandemic, but that possibility remains very real.

However, this isn’t a plea for you to get a flu shot (though you should, and we certainly plan to). Rather, it’s a reminder that unlikely but possible events like a pandemic, a hurricane, an earthquake, a transit strike, or—heaven help us—a terrorist attack could play havoc with your business. As Alvin Toffler pointed out many years ago, it’s those low probability/high impact external events that can create genuine “future shock” if you haven’t included them in your thinking.

While many organizations do have detailed business continuity and risk abatement plans, our experience suggests that very few of those plans include the best response of all:  a remote/mobile work program.

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Dilbert on Why Working at Home is More Productive

Had to chuckle when I saw this in today’s paper:


Not much more to say – Scott Adams is usually spot on. [continue reading...]

Just How Important is Social Media to the Future of Work?

I just retweeted a link to an incredibly powerful YouTube video, and then realized the video deserves even more exposure.

This is a very powerful message about how social media (of all kinds) is changing the nature of branding – but  I actually believe it’s more important than that – it’s changing the future of work in very profound (and poorly understood) ways. [continue reading...]

Are You a Digital Nomad?

Here’s a rare chance for me to give you tomorrow’s news today. There’s a good article in tomorrow morning’s Washington Post (July 26, 2009) about the rise of “digital nomads,” otherwise known as mobile workers.

The article (“Digital Nomads Ditch Cubes for Diners and Pool Decks“), by Michael Rosenwald, opens this way:

Frank Gruber’s workstation at AOL in Dulles could be in any cubicle farm from here to Bangalore — push-pin board for reminders, computer on Formica desk, stifling fluorescent lighting.

[continue reading...]

Do You Like Twitter? Or Hate It?

I’m in awe at how fast Twitter has become a daily part of my life, and how it’s sweeping across the whole world – often generating very intriguing extended conversations.

What’s your opinion? Do you like twitter, or think it’s a silly waste of time? What role does Twitter have in your business/professional life?

Weigh in here with your Comments, and I’ll highlight them both here and – if you don’t object – on twitter itself (Charlie and I tweet @thefutureofwork.net) [continue reading...]

Online Collaboration Tools – Changing the Future of Work

TechWebinarMaven has just published a nice short piece about how the nature of work is changing – due in large part to the increasing availability and power of online collaboration tools (“Online Collaboration Tools Will Change Work Forever“).

Of course, I’m a little biased, as the article cites the webinar that Charlie Grantham, Eric Bensley (of Citrix Online), and I presented for Citrix Online a couple of weeks ago (“Keeping Your Team Connected in an Online Environment“). [continue reading...]

What Do You Like About Coworking?

It’s incredibly clear that coworking – using a shared work facility and being around other people – is “hot.” The number of coworking facilities is growing by leaps and bounds all over the world, and there are more and more folks choosing to spend part of their work time in those settings.

So, being naturally curious and fascinated by this shift in work styles, I’m wondering which features of the coworking concept are most appealing. [continue reading...]

Listen to a Recording of our Webinar on Connected Teams

As I had previously announced, Charlie Grantham and I led a one-hour webinar for Citrix Online on Wednesday, June 24. Our topic was “Keeping Your Team Connected in a Distributed Workplace.”

The webinar was actually hosted by James Hilliard of BNet, and also featured Eric Bensley of Citrix Online.

A full audio plus graphics recording of the entire webinar is now available for your viewing/listening pleasure. [continue reading...]