Redefining Leadership for the Digital Age

mmm180x490pxsmallAre you ready to become a smart meeting leader?

I invite you to join me on Tuesday, April, 26, at 4 PM Eastern time, for a free one-hour online conversation focused on “Redefining Leadership for the Digital Age.”

You can register here:

Registration URL:
Webinar ID: 146-058-459

In this inaugural offering I will identify why a new mindset is essential, describe the “P4+” model of meeting leadership I’ve developed, discuss how it produces meetings that are both productive and popular, and offer practical tips for engaging your meeting participants in creative, constructive conversations.

Participating in this program will enable you to:

  • Understand how the digital age differs from the industrial age;
  • Know why collaborative leadership is so central to success in the digital age;
  • Describe the behaviors of collaborative leaders;
  • Ask questions that draw out the ideas, insights, and experiences of others; and
  • Bring your meetings to an effective ending that achieves your desired outcomes.

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Making YOUR Meetings Matter

Permit me a bit of shameless self-promotion. My new book, Making Meetings Matter: How Smart Leaders Orchestrate Powerful Conversations in the Digital Age, just became available on, and I am in a giddy celebratory mode.

In fact, I just got my very first copy of the paperback edition (I ordered it from Amazon on Friday). Yes, I’ve read it all before, but there is something very visceral about seeing the actual book. Here’s a picture my wife took of me admiring it. There is nothing like finally holding your “baby” in your own hands!

JIm Ware pondering his new book

I am particularly proud of the testimonials I’ve already received from a number of very smart people. Read more

Join me at WorkTech15 West Coast in San Francisco on December 2

WORKTECH15-West-Coast-Marketing-Image2-720x305WorkTech is one of the best one-day opportunities you can find anywhere for learning the latest insights about the future of work and networking with fellow workplace futurists. And if you register at this link  as a friend of The Future of Work…unlimited you will get a $100 discount off the registration fee.

Phillip Ross and his Unwired Ventures team always assemble a mind-bending and eye-opening program filled with success stories, thought leaders, and provocative insights. Read more

Which of These Books Would You Pick Up?

My forthcoming book, Making Meetings Matter, will be published in January by Indie Books International. We’re now in the process of editing the text and designing the layout. One of the most important steps in publishing a book is designing the front cover; that, after all, is what draws potential readers (like you) to pick up the book (or to investigate it further at [continue reading...]

Andy Curry of Business Innovators Radio Interviews Jim Ware

Biz_Innovators_LogoJim Ware was  featured in a Business Innovators Radio interview by host Andrew Curry, published on September 22, 2015.

Our 17-minute conversation about flexible work, managing remote workers, and leading effective meetings is available at this link:

Business Innovators Radio – Interview with James Ware – Professional Speaker.

We welcome your comments, reactions, and further questions. [continue reading...]

Periscope: Why are there so many bad meetings?

Earlier today I did my first live Periscope video broadcast. It was a reprise of a newsletter/blog post I wrote in early August (“Why are There So Many Bad Meetings?“).

Here is an unedited replay of the 10-minute Scope video:

I intend to produce simple, short video messages like this on a regular basis. In fact, right now my next Scope is scheduled for Tuesday, September 15, at 8:30 AM Pacific time. [continue reading...]

Reaching Your Destination When You Think You Can’t Get There From Here

This past Saturday my local chapter of the National Speakers Association (Northern California) was graced with the presence and wisdom of two incredible women – Karen Jacobsen and Jessica Pettitt. Their presentations, while very different, both offered powerful life lessons that struck close to home for me.


My first selfie ( Karen’s on the right)

Today I will focus on Karen Jacobsen’s message; next week I’ll share some equally important insights from Jessica Pettitt.

Karen is an amazingly talented singer, performer, and keynote speaker. Her claim to fame is that the she is the iPhone’s Siri in Australia; her voice is on more than 100 million smartphones and over 300 million GPS units worldwide.

She calls herself “The GPS Girl,” but Karen’s deep passion is helping people “recalculate” their lives and their personal journeys – a far higher calling than helping you find directions for getting to that quaint little Italian restaurant across town. Read more

Upcoming Events

We are entering the spring conference season; I’ll be attending and presenting at several important conferences during March and April:

The Future of Work 2015 (at the Ballagio in Las Vegas) March 3-4

“Leading Change: Putting Good Ideas into Practice, in Theory and at Zappos” (March 4, 9:45 – 10:30 AM)

My presentation partner for this session is John Bunch, Technical Advisor to the CEO and Lead Link for Holacracy Implementation at [continue reading...]

Special Announcements: July/August 2012

Mobile Workforce Survey 2012

We delighted to announce that we have launched a new Mobile Workforce Survey to explore in depth how and where people are getting their work done in 2012. This survey is a collaborative effort between The Future of Work…unlimited and Novacrea, a talent management consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The survey takes just 10 minutes to complete. [continue reading...]

What’s Happened/Happening: July/August 2012

Raising the Bar

As you may know, Jim Ware, in addition to his leadership of The Future of Work….unlimited, is also a co-founder of Occupiers Journal Limited (OJL). He serves as Global Research Director for OJL.

And OJL recently announced its first 2012 research project, “Raising the Bar: Enhancing the Strategic Role of Facilities Management.”

Most importantly, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, (RICS) is sponsoring the study. [continue reading...]