Orchestrating Effective Communication in the Digital Age

MMM coverI am both pleased and proud that Jim Horan, the creator of the One Page Business Plan®, wrote a Foreword for my new book, Making Meetings Matter: How Smart Leaders Orchestrate Powerful Conversations in the Digital Age (now due to be published on or about February 25).

In fact, I liked the Foreword so much that I am sharing it with all of you today. Here it is, in its entirety:


The nature of conversation and communication has changed dramatically. We find ourselves communicating faster, more frequently, over greater distances, and with many more people. Yet we seem to be less effective.

Why is that so? Because of technology every business is now doing business globally; there are almost no meaningful geographic boundaries any more. Yes, there are still a few basically local businesses – the barbershop, the nail salon, the local farmers market. But almost everybody else is now doing business regionally, nationally, and internationally.

We are also starting up businesses at a much faster rate. There is an expectation that a business can go from startup to scale-up in a much shorter period of time. Read more

From Chris Hood, Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis

Jim has staked out a reputation for deep, innovative thought and the ability to deliver the message of design thinking successfully. Many of us have enjoyed his newsletters, focus groups, and think tanks over the years. He has managed to provoke and inform us with wit, charm, and grace.

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From Mark Gorman, Vice President, Ciena

Jim continually brings a fresh perspective on the changing nature of work. A passionate collaborator, Jim applies his skills as a futurist with his clients discovering ways for them to better leverage talent.

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From Rick Schuhriemen, Regional Manager, Kimball Office

Kimball Office has worked with Jim Ware on several occasions in the past, in our development and deployment of Workplace Strategies in the marketplace. Jim is an outstanding researcher who brings deep insights to the future of work. He understands the trends that are driving change in the workforce and the workplace. More importantly, he speaks the language of business to senior executives, making a persuasive case for embracing new ways of working.

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From Katelyn de Diego, Citrix Online:

I’ve spoken with Jim on webinars and worked with him on creating white papers. Jim is inventive in his brainstorming and thorough in his creation. The white papers he’s created for us are some of our best performing pieces. It’s really a pleasure to work with him!

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From Diane Coles, SCAN Health Plan:

Jim Ware is an incredibly insightful futurist who knows how to turn visions into real-world results. He helped SCAN Health transform its workplace while simultaneously enhancing employee productivity and producing a 40% return on our investment.

He’s taught us how to think creatively about the future, but most importantly he showed us how to focus our human and physical assets more directly on meeting our customers’ needs.

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From Jessica Brown, Citrix Online:

Working with The Future or Work…unlimited over the past three years has been an educational and enlightening experience for our company and our customers. Not only is Jim an authentic, intelligent speaker, he is a gifted researcher who thoroughly thinks through and analyzes trends and data for the reports, papers, and presentations he completes for us.

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