Doing Business Anywhere, Anytime

As previously announced, Charlie Grantham and I were featured in a webinar yesterday that was hosted by PC Magazine and sponsored by Citrix Online. Michael Krieger represented PC Magazine and acted as moderator. We were also joined by Eric Bensley of Citrix Online.

The topic was “Corporate Agility: Doing Business Anywhere, Anytime.” A recording of the webinar, including both our slides and our voiceover, is available at this link (it will open in Windows Media Player).

Or if you prefer, you can also view just the slides without our mellifluous voices right here (you have to click in the arrow in the middle of the image first, and then click through the slides one at a time using the bar that appears at the bottom of the slides):

The webinar promped a number of questions from the 100+ participants in the audience. What questions do our perspectives raise for you?