Don’t Fix Management; Replace It

huffpo    That’s the title of my article that was just published on Huffington Post – my first submission and first acceptance.

I’m very proud of that accomplishment, but what matters is that you read my analysis of why management is so broken, and what we should be doing to replace it.

Here’s the link to the post: Don’t Fix Management; Replace It.

Please read it, and then comment there, or comment here – but don’t just read it and forget it. Act on it!

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  1. Erik Jaspers
    Erik Jaspers says:


    Great article and some compelling examples and arguments.
    ‘What got you here, will not get you there’.

    Talking about ‘management’ in this context, I hear a lot of Taylorism, Taylor-based practise. He was a great thinker, certainly in the context of his time and indeed you point at the fact that some of his ideas still hold merit in certain environments.

    But: he lived some hundred years ago…

  2. Anika Savage
    Anika Savage says:

    Hi Jim! A thought provoking piece. I agree whole-heartedly that “command and control is the wrong way to manage creative talent or produce innovative outcomes”. We explicate this idea in our book “Life Sustaining Environments.” The title of your post and Hamel’s both capture a reader’s attention but I feel they are misleading. Certainly, the first step would not be to fire middle level managers: an organization would need a solid alternative in place that they are darn sure is going to produce the desired results. My 25 year old son is currently working at a job with set no hours or vacation time. The thought there is to meet or exceed agreed upon goals and the rest is up to the employee. So far, he’s excelling, being rewarded for it, and loving it.
    Anika Savage – Art of the Future

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