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We’re baaack. A little later than usual, but on the ground and running at full speed—even faster than normal, if that’s possible.

Hope your summer was a good one. Ours was actually a lot busier than we expected. We’ve just finished contributing to a new book that will be published by the IFMA Foundation just in time for IFMA’s World Workplace 2009 in October. Please come see us in Orlando!

And see our What’s Happened/Happening note this month for more details about both the book and our session at WWP, where we’ll be partnering with Diane Coles of SCAN Health to tell an amazing, award-winning story of organizational transformation.

We have two Special Announcements this month; first about a new partnership with e-Work.com, and second about our renewed focus on third places and new ways of organizing to get work done. These two developments signal the beginning of a somewhat new strategic direction for us and the Work Design Collaborative. We’re committed to becoming market leaders and even “market-makers” in the emerging arenas of mobile work and flexible workplaces. We’ve got some powerful ideas and action plans for making it happen.

And for your reading pleasure, be sure to start with our Feature Article on why simpler ways of working may be supplanting large complex organizations. Finally, we offer yet another reason to embrace flexible work in our Compass piece, “Going Mobile Overnight.”


Charlie and Jim

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Special Announcement: New Perspectives on a New Industry

The two of us have individually and collectively been following the growth of “remote work places” for (ready for this?) almost twenty-five years! We’ve seen the U.S. federal government try it; we’ve seen the telephone companies promote it; we’ve seen literally dozens of entrepreneurs take a run at it—and almost all of them have failed one way or another. It’s time to think more creatively about the future of the workplace. This month we offer the first of a six-part series of articles on the phenomenon of “third places,” “coworking,” and other new kinds of workplaces.

Special Announcement: WDC Forms Alliance with e-Work.com

We are very pleased to announce that we have formed an alliance with e-Work.com, a premier provider of online distance learning programs—about working remotely. e-Work’s programs can be purchased off-the-shelf or customized to your organization’s particular needs.

Feature Article: Social Forces Driving a Simpler Way of Working

Large, complex organizations have reached their limit of manageability in the Western world. One of the responses to this “crisis of complexity” is a radical transformation in basic business models. This transformation will lead to a move away from centralized, fixed-cost real estate assets and towards smaller, networked locations in local communities where needed talent is living. This is the first in a series of articles exploring this trend in the workplace.

Compass: Going Mobile Overnight

It’s fall here in North America, and the flu season is upon us. Most of us know there’s a greater risk than normal this year because of the H1N1 virus, commonly known as Swine Flu. While many organizations have detailed business continuity and risk abatement plans for pandemics and other disruptions, our experience suggests that very few of those plans include the best response of all: a remote/mobile work program.

What’s Happened/Happening?

A short note about where Jim and Charlie have been, are, and will be, holding forth in public conversations and other activities.

As usual, your comments and reactions to any of these articles are more than welcome. Please send your thoughts to us at any time.

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  1. Beth Kelly
    Beth Kelly says:

    Great article on social forces driving workplace transformation. I see glimpses of change here and there – coworking spaces, incubators, and of course- my favorite office – the local coffee shop! I’m thinking the time to “tip” is near.

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