January 2012: What’s Happened/Happening?

Recent Activity

Work on the Move discussion group
Work on the Move: Driving Strategy and Change in Workplaces, a new book on workplace strategy published by the IFMA Foundation, was officially launched on October 26 at World Workplace in Phoenix.

Jim wrote a core chapter on change management, and he led the “conversation with the authors” session at World Workplace. Pick up a copy of this very important book at your earliest convenience. You can order it online from the IFMA Foundation at this link:


Research on the Future of Work
We recently completed two focused research projects on flexible work and remote collaboration (both sponsored by Citrix Online®). Both are available for downloading here (free site registration is required to access the papers).

The first, “The Future of Business Collaboration,” looks at how mobile technologies, and personal video in particular, are impacting remote collaboration.

The second project is an update of a paper that we co-authored in 2008 with Charlie Grantham: “Flexible Work: Rhetoric and Reality.” We’ve just completed a new survey to get current perspectives on how mobility and flexible work programs have grown (we know they haven’t shrunk!) and evolved.

Jim also led a free public webinar for Citrix Online® on November 30, 2011, on the future of business collaboration. You can view a recorded version (both voice and visual) at this link:


Roundtable on the Future of Work

In partnership with Mike Johnson, CEO of the FutureWork Forum, a globally active consortium based in London, we led an invitation-only Roundtable on the Future of Work in early December. The dozen participants were an impressive cross-section of authors, researchers, consultants, practitioners, and service providers.

We were very grateful that our long-time friend and client Diane Coles, Director of Workplace Solutions at SCAN Health, hosted the event at SCAN’s award-winning Long Beach headquarters facility. And we were pleased that Citrix Online® sponsored the event as well. We anticipate producing a brief summary of the Roundtable conversation in the near future.
 Facilities Forum 2012

Coming Up

National Speakers Association Winter Conference

Jim Ware recently became an active member of the National Speakers Association, the leading professional group for speakers and the speaking/coaching/facilitator profession. He will be attending the association’s winter conference in Plano, Texas, February 3-5. If you will be there, or in the area, contact Jim to arrange a private meeting or share a glass of wine.

Facilities Fusion 2012

We will be actively involved in several sessions at IFMA’s April 2012 Facilities Fusion conference in Boston. Details of our individual sessions are available at this link on our website, or you can review the entire program at the IFMA website at this link.

And. . .
If we’re in your area and have a few minutes, we’d love to see you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a cuppa coffee (depending on our other commitments).

And please follow us on Twitter for more current updates on the future of work and our future plans: http://www.twitter.com/thefutureofwork

Give us a shout or send us a note, and if we can squeeze out some time, we’d love to say hello and share some good ideas the old-fashioned way: face-to-face.

Comments or Questions?

Contact us anytime with comments or questions – or leave a Comment right here. We read them all.

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