Jim Ware interviewed by Turi Ryder on the Yahoo! telecommuting kerfuffle

WGN Radio logoOn Tuesday evening, February 26, 2013, Jim Ware was invited to speak with talk radio host Turi Ryder (WGN 720 radio in Chicago, Illinois) to discuss his perspectives on the mandate issued by Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, that all Yahoo! employees would be required to come into the corporate offices every day rather than working from home.

That edict has clearly been highly controversial; it has generated an unusual, and unexpected, amount of press commentary.

Jim’s interview with Ms. Ryder is available online at this link:

The Perks and Catches of Working Remotely

Additional commentary, and a selection of links to other blogs and mainstream media coverage of this debate, are available on the Future of Work…unlimited blog, at this link:

Does Yahoo! now stand for bureaucratic dinosaur?