Making Meetings Matter: An Overview

MMM cover adaptationAre you frustrated by all the unfocused, boring meetings you have to sit through?

Do the meetings you attend produce lasting solutions to the challenges you face?

Or do you and your staff waste precious hours at work sitting through meetings that don’t seem to matter?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I want to get you out of the unproductive meeting trap that so many organizations have fallen into.

Technology now connects us with each other and with the information we need like never before.

But most meetings still unfold the same way they have for centuries. We haven’t adapted the way we meet to the realities of the new digital economy.

That’s the beginning of a 2 ½-minute video overview of my new book, Making Meetings Matter: How Smart Leaders Orchestrate Powerful Conversations in the Digital Age.

Here is the full video recording:

Click on this link to download a free excerpt from the book, including the Introduction and Chapter One in its entirety.

And here’s the rest of the video transcript:

It’s an incredible waste of time and talent. But more importantly those horrible meetings are sucking the life out of everyone who has to sit through them.

I developed the P4+ model to show you how smart leaders orchestrate powerful collaborative conversations.

There are four critical components of every meeting: Purpose, Participants, Process, and Place, all backed up by solid Preparation and Planning. I have developed a simple set of rules for each of those components to ensure that your meetings will proceed the way you want them to – and produce positive outcomes.

The book includes a chapter about a whole new kind of meeting – the one when everyone is someplace else. Distributed, or virtual, meetings present new kinds of challenges for all the participants and especially for the meeting leader. But once again I offer a simple set of rules that make it easy for you to lead distributed meetings effectively.

Finally, I describe several special kinds of meetings that produce dramatic transformational change. But this isn’t just a How-To manual; it’s a collection of stories about meetings that do work – along with insights from the leaders who make them not only functional but fun.

Order the book today – and read it. But don’t stop there. Become part of the community of smart leaders who share a commitment to improving meetings everywhere. Together we can enhance organizational efficiency, improve collaboration, and make all our meetings both productive and popular.

Join my crusade to make every meeting matter.

Let me emphasize that I am not promoting the book just to generate sales. While I certainly hope you will purchase it, I am deadly serious about this being a crusade. The time wasted in boring, unproductive meetings is nothing short of criminal.

There are socovermeetingmewhere between 11 and 15 million meetings every day in the United States alone. That’s over 3 BILLION meetings a year! Most managers spend 50% or more of their time in meetings. And those lousy meetings are a primary reason that employee engagement is so low. The upside potential for enhanced organizational productivity and individual job satisfaction is staggering.

If you are not working to improve the quality of the meetings you are responsible for, you are overlooking one of the most obvious examples of low-hanging fruit I can imagine.

Please join my crusade to enhance meeting experiences and impact, and to make every meeting matter. Sign up now to receive other free offers, to learn where I’ll be speaking publicly about these issues, to attend workshops and participate in online training programs, and to join me in putting an end to bad meetings forever.

I will shortly be announcing a teleseminar series focused on the skillsets and the mindsets you need to become a powerful orchestrator of conversations that matter. Stay tuned; this is just the beginning.

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