Presentations – Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars

James Ware professional speaker

Recent Presentations:

International Interior Design Association
Industry Roundtable
Chicago, Illinois
January 8, 2017

International Executives Association
San Francisco, California
November 3, 2016

San Francisco Rotary
San Francisco, California
August 9, 2016

IFMA Facility Fusion
Indianapolis, Indiana
April 2016

Chamber of Commerce
San Mateo, California
April 2016

HR Bookless Club
Virtual Presentation
March 2016

University of San Francisco
Masters Degree Leadership Class
February 2016

Project Management Institute
Wine Country Chapter
February 2016

Golden Gate Breakfast Club
San Francisco
November 2015

Here are some of the topics Jim Ware speaks about frequently. He offers several different keynote presentations and educational workshops, all of which address the “why” and the “how-to” about new leadership behaviors and mindsets that are aligned with the realities of the digital age.

Making Meetings Matter

A keynote or workshop; begins with an overview of why there are so many bad meetings, followed by a prescriptive approach to planning and leading effective meetings that is built around Jim Ware’s proprietary “P4+” method. This presentation highlights both the skillsets and the mindsets that smart leaders rely on to lead powerful, meaningful meetings.

The Mindset of a 21st-century Leader

This is a much more in-depth presentation and conversation describing how and why today’s smart leaders approach all their conversations: with curiosity, respect, and a genuine desire to build a collaborative culture. Pays particular attention to the leadership implications of the information-rich, interconnected world that we have created and must now learn to leverage. Includes experiential exercises that turn concepts into commitments. 

Leading by Listening; Hearing the Meaning Behind the Words

How smart leaders orchestrate collaborative conversations that are both powerful and popular. Filled with interactive exercises, this presentation focuses on the critical skills of listening and guiding that characterize all effective meeting leaders.

Five Simple Rules for Leading Distributed Meetings

This is a pragmatic, hands-on interactive presentation or workshop that addresses the major challenges facing managers of distributed teams; how to conduct meaningful meetings when everyone is somewhere else.

Talking About Tomorrow: Taking Charge of Your Organizational Future

A guided conversation about the four major forces that are driving change and threatening every organization today: globalization, workforce demographics, new technologies, and workplace design (including the explosion of flexible, location-independent work practices. This experiential program highlights the trends that are driving change and enables the participants to envision how those trends will impact their own organization and its future.