Raising the Bar on Flexible Work

Just found a very compelling report on the role that flexible work has in supporting corporate agility and strategic flexibility. It’s a new report prepared by Sandy Burud, Ph.D, of Flexpaths, a firm we know and have had many conversations with.

There’s a brief summary of the research and the report on the Sloan Work and Family Network website (which I found via twitter – @sloannetwork).

Here’s a distallation of the report, in Sandy’s words, from the Sloan site:

The headline is that 95% of the [Working Mother] 100 Best [companies to work for] say that flexible ways of working at their organizations is now considered the new “normal” — their standard way of doing business. Not one or two — 95%.  That’s news, and a call to action for any company that competes for labor or reputation or strives to be a great place to work.

As we’ve said many times, flexible work is at the core of corporate agility, something we wrote about at length back in 2006 (see the writeup of our book by that name on Amazon.com).

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