Making Meetings Matter has already received many positive testimonials and reviews in the short time since it was published.

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Meeting Design Expert Jim Ware: Top Ten Ways Leaders Can Make Meetings Matter
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Independent Reviews and Interviews:

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Individual Testimonials:

The pace of change in the workplace is blistering. At the heart of the transformation is the massive shift in the way people interact while working. The insights shared in Jim Ware’s new book provide critical context for understanding these patterns of change. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in better understanding the workplace of the future.

  • Mike Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, Kimball Office  

“In his new book Making Meetings Matter, Jim Ware does the impossible. He actually makes meetings relevant and dare I say it, even fun again. I loved the way he weaved in real-life stories and examples from some of today’s most important companies and corporate leaders. Don’t waste another minute on an ineffective meeting now that you’ve been given the secret to changing the conversation.”

  • Ruth Ross, Engagement Evangelist, speaker, and author of Coming Alive: The Journey to Reengage Your Life and Your Career

“As with any organization, we never seem to have enough of the most critical asset needed by our staff – time. The best tools we have discovered to recover time for innovative and collaborative thinking by our staff are the meeting mindsets presented in Jim’s book. I highly recommend that your staff engage with this book as soon as possible.”

  • Mike Moss, Chief Executive Officer, Society of College and University Planners

“Jim Ware’s new book is the definitive guide for managers who want to learn how to transform meetings from time-wasters into powerful resources for creating extraordinary engagement and high performance. Read this book and discover how you can leverage the collective wisdom of your colleagues to succeed in today’s rapidly changing and complex world.”

  • Rod Collins, author of Wiki Management and Leadership in a Wiki World

As others have noted, this book is full of sound advice and memorable anecdotes about leading better meetings. But it’s really the first two chapters that stand out, because they explain why getting meetings right matters in the context of the modern workplace. Most books focused specifically on meetings tackle the techniques and challenges involved in running them well in isolation from the larger organizational dynamic – as if meetings were special events happening outside of the course of “normal work.” By starting this book with a look at how our work culture has evolved since the command-and-control days of the industrial revolution, the author paints a picture of a world where the well-designed conversation is a key driver of value.

  • Elise Keith, Lucid Meetings  


“Meetings are at the heart of organizational work. Yet there are very few organizational leaders who know how to run meetings effectively, or even to participate in them. Jim Ware has produced a compelling analysis of why – and how – we must reinvent leadership for the digital age.”

  • Mike Johnson, Founder and Executive Chair, FutureWork Forum, and author, The Worldwide Workplace: Solving the Global Talent Equation

“Professionals in large organizations work 50% more today than they did in 2006 because of “collaborative overload.”  This unsustainable phenomenon is caused by the global, 24/7 nature of business, networked/matrixed structures, and internet/mobile device connectivity. This book offers insightful new ideas and practical tools to help individuals, teams, and ultimately organizations become more efficient and effective.”

  • Mike Dulworth, President and CEO, Executive Networks, and author, The Connect Effect

“We’ve all had the experience of being horribly bored (and resentful of the waste of time) as meetings droned  on and on. In his latest book, and in the clearest language, Jim Ware has laid out the primary key to change all that:  he calls it having a conversation.”

  • Judy Bardwick, PhD, author of Danger in the Comfort Zone, In Praise of Good Business, and One Foot Out the Door

“Jim Ware has taken the subject of meetings, exploded it, and put it back together, not as a routine and obligatory process, but as a source of inspiration and inventiveness. He reinforces the notion that successful organizations are founded on the collective knowledge, wisdom, and experience of their employees; and that their success can be linked directly to how they meet, talk, and share ideas with each other.”

  • Chris Hood, Managing Director, CBRE GCS Occupancy Services

“Times have changed and meetings, at least effective ones, must change with them. Making Meetings Matter is an insightful read that will become an important desk reference. Whether your meeting is across a desk or across a continent, Dr. Ware’s thoughtful suggestions will help you reshape it to be more useful and meaningful for everyone.”

  • Patt Schwab, PhD, author of Leave a Mark, Not a Stain, using Workplace Humor Well