SCAN Health Wins IFMA Orange County Award for Excellence

Congratulations to Diane Coles and her colleagues at SCAN Health Plan in Long Beach, California.

SCAN has just won the IFMA Orange County Award for Excellence in recognition of the innovative AWESOME project that Diane formulated and led over the past three years. The award was announced last night, June 5, at the annual Awards Banquet.

It is well-deserved. Through Diane’s leadership SCAN has moved a couple of hundred non-exempt workers into a flexible work environment, increased the density of occupation at corporate headquarters by 22%, increased participant productivity by 18%, and cut office provisioning costs by 38%. It’s a truly remarkable achievement.

We were privileged to support Diane’s work and have recently written and spoken about her story at both IFMA and Corenet events. I posted a summary of the story here a couple of months ago (“Getting Real:  Transforming the Workplace at SCAN Health“)  that includes an embedded powerpoint presentation the three of us delivered in early April at the IFMA Industries Forum meeting in Vancouver, BC.

In fact, to make it really easy, I’m re-embedding that presentation right here:

Getting Real: Transforming the Workplace at SCAN Health

View more presentations from jpware.

We’ll also be telling the SCAN story again as part of our Future of Work/Mobile Workforce Summit at the Realcomm 2009 conference in Chicago on June 22. More details about that session are online at this link and you can register for that program here.

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