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Designing the Future: The Role of Deliberate Diversity

Cornell_logo2-1s7ocw0I’ve just returned from a Cornell University class reunion that reminded me of several very important principles that have guided most of my work and my life since I was an undergraduate there fifty years ago.

Today I want to share one of many important insights that emerged out of three days of lectures, conversations, meals, and other on-campus experiences that are better left unmentioned. I have a deep and renewed appreciation that I am who I am today because of my seven years as a Cornell undergraduate and graduate student.

Cornell University is an unusual – and remarkably diverse – institution.

Cornell was founded in 1865 (shortly after the end of the Civil War) when Ezra Cornell created the campus by donating his farmland on the hills above Ithaca, New York, and bringing to life his vision of “an institution where any person could find instruction in any study.” Read more

Cornell Professor Frank Becker: “I’m very excited about the Workplace Strategy Summit”

The IFMA Foundation Workplace Strategy Summit will convene in just two weeks at Wokefield Park, just north of London (8-10 June). There are still seats available, and you really don’t want to miss this very special event. Attendance is limited to 160 of the smartest, best-informed workplace experts in the world (including you, if you register now).

Our official host is Alexi Marmot, Director of AMA – Alexi Marmot Associates Ltd., [continue reading...]

Get thee to Ithaca – or at least to the online Workplace Summit Discussion Group

Have you registered yet for the IFMA Foundation Workplace Summit being hosted by Cornell University in Ithaca, New York in September? If not, click here and register today. There is still plenty of room.

You want to be there. In fact, you need to be there – along with the smartest workplace strategists and futurists on the planet. Just imagine two days of deep immersion in conversations with thought leaders like Frank Duffy, Frank Becker, Alexi Marmot, Philip Ross, Susan Stucky, and Noboru Konno (among others). [continue reading...]

Have You Signed Up for the IFMA/Cornell University Research Summit?

If not, you’re going to regret it!


Where else could you spend two days at Cornell University (my own alma mater) in beautiful upstate New York in the fall (best time of the year there, by far), in conversation with 150 really smart people who together are going to define the workplace of the future?

Although the Summit is open to all, space is limited, so now is the time to register for a chance to learn from experts like:

  • DEGW Founder and pioneer Frank Duffy;
  • Professor Frank Becker of Cornell;
  • MIT Professor Michael Joroff;
  • Professor Alexi Marmot of University College, London;
  • Philip Ross of Unwired Ventures and the WorkTech programs;
  • Noborru Kono, Professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology;
  • Researcher Susan Stucky of IBM; and
  • Warwick Johnson of Brookfield Multiplex.
[continue reading...]