Another Prediction of Increased Mobility at Work

Back to the future. There’s lots of current data about “working anywhere,” but I also just unearthed a 2005 study in the U.K. suggesting the “end of the desk” as a core component of the workplace.

The  report, “Working in the Twenty-First Century,” was published by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Tomorrow Project, a charity studying future trends. The researchers found that almost a fifth of UK-based workers, over 5 million in total , were already (in 2005) spending some time working at home or on the move.

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Another Look at Resistance to Distributed Work

We’re very pleased that Capital Magazine, based in Dubai, has just published the second installment of an article that Charlie Grantham and I wrote about organizational resistance to Distributed Work – and what to do about it.

The article, “How Come Distributed Work is Still the Next Big Thing?“,  appears in the February issue. It’s available online, though free registration is required. [continue reading...]