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An Interview with an “expert” on the future of work (that would be me)

1502171419101371-social-hire-logo_ecI was recently interviewed by Social-Hire as part of their Expert Interview program. It was a wide-ranging conversation about the changing nature of the workforce, the need for a radically new kind of organizational leadership, and how to attract and retain talent in this age of networked knowledge that we’ve created.

Here is a brief excerpt that reflects my perspective on why so many of us are frustrated and discouraged about our work experiences: Read more

Can We Make Manufacturing “Cool” Again?

We all know that the United States has been losing its manufacturing base for many years.

A big part of the reason for that is automation; technology is raising productivity so much that we simply don’t need as many “hands” in our factories as we used to. Believe it or not, automation is actually killing more manufacturing jobs in China than it is in the United States. [continue reading...]