The June issue of Future of Work Agenda is Now Available

We’ve just posted the online version of Future of Work Agenda for the month of June.

We will be emailing the newsletter to all subscribers later this evening (it’s free – you can register online here), and posting a complete version here on the blog as well. [continue reading...]

Twittering Matters

There’s an intriguing new article about Twitter and how it’s affecting corporate cultures and reputations in the June 1 issue of Business Week (“Managing the Tweets” – the online version is titled “Web 2.0: Managing Corporate Reputations“).

Here’s the essence of the article (written by our friend Michelle Conlin and her colleague Douglas Macmillan):

Social networking is a love-hate relationship. On the one hand managers want their workers to experiment so they can cultivate new-world skills. Employees as brand ambassadors! Products virally transformed into overnight hits! On the other hand, bosses are filled with foreboding about social networking’s dark side—losing secrets to rivals, the corporate embarrassment of errant employee tweets, becoming the latest victim of a venomous crowd.

Read it; the full article includes a number of very specific stories about individual companies and their employees – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Let’s Keep Technology in Perspective

. . .  and use it appropriately.

On this national holiday in the United States – Memorial Day – we are all reminded of, and thinking of, our military veterans and active-duty soldiers, sailors, pilots, and marines. We have to be incredibly grateful for their service.

Before today I took some comfort in knowing that technology enabled distant warriors to stay much closer to their loved ones that ever before. [continue reading...]

Doing Business Anywhere, Anytime

As previously announced, Charlie Grantham and I were featured in a webinar yesterday that was hosted by PC Magazine and sponsored by Citrix Online. Michael Krieger represented PC Magazine and acted as moderator. We were also joined by Eric Bensley of Citrix Online.

The topic was “Corporate Agility: Doing Business Anywhere, Anytime.” A recording of the webinar, including both our slides and our voiceover, is available at this link (it will open in Windows Media Player). [continue reading...]

Preparing for the Future of Work by Living It

I’m a big fan of learning by doing – and in the college world that translates into getting out of the classroom to work on real-world problems. The more the better. So I was pleased to come across this short video clip showing how IBM is partnering with Michigan Tech University to get IT students working on practical, serious, real problems. [continue reading...]

Facebook is in the News Again

Funny timing. Right after I posted this note about the recent Fortune article featuring Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, I saw this New York Times story (“Facebook Withdraws Changes in Data Use“) this morning. It’s  about the current flap over Facebook’s  privacy policy.

Times Writer Alan Cowell put it this way:

After a wave of protests from its users, the Facebook social networking site said Wednesday that it would withdraw changes to its so-called terms of service concerning the data supplied by the tens of millions of people who use it.

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