Which of These Books Would You Pick Up?

My forthcoming book, Making Meetings Matter, will be published in January by Indie Books International. We’re now in the process of editing the text and designing the layout. One of the most important steps in publishing a book is designing the front cover; that, after all, is what draws potential readers (like you) to pick up the book (or to investigate it further at Amazon.com and other online booksellers).

Since one of my premises, explored in detail in the book, is that in the digital age no one is smarter than everyone (thanks to Rod Collins for that beautiful way of expressing the power of collaboration), I want to ask your help as I select a book cover.

Which of these do you like? Why? Please click here to send me a quick email with your recommendation.

  Cover #1:         Cover #2          Cover #3







I would love to hear from you; which one do you like most, and why? Just click here and send me a brief note. And if you like the colors on one cover but the images on another, tell me that too. We can mix and match as much as we want to.



The results are in, and they are overwhelming. Over 90% of the people who have responded here or to emails about these cover choices expressed a strong preference for cover #1, on the left above.

The good news is that I personally picked that one right away. It has a sophisticated and “cool” look, and blue is the color of business (so my designer friends tell me).

So stay tuned – we’re still on track to have the book on the bookshelves (both real and virtual) in mid-January. You can count on me letting you know when the book becomes available!